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Grace the Red Dogg

My life began at the Chocolate Clan.

My Mom is Kassey and my Dad is Drake. I never met my Dad and neither did my Mom. I was a test tube baby.

Here is my official baby picture taken by my Girl's friend Marlene of Painted Light Photography in Lacombe. She took lots of pictures of my brothers and sisters and me. You can check them out at her website!/PORTRAIT-GALLERIES/PETS. You can see lots of pictures of me when I was a baby at

When I was eight weeks old, I went to live with my "forever" family. They looked after me for almost two years. They never sent Pat any pictures. But they did play with me alot. So much that when I was eighteen months old I tore my ACL. I blew my right knee. When I was two, I blew my other knee. My "forever" family didn't want me anymore, so they brought me back to the Chocolate Clan.

Pat thought I had Juvenile Arthritis because that is what my "forever" family told her. JA would have meant Pat should close down the Chocolate Clan and not have any more puppies. But when she read the vet report that my "forever" family gave her, she learnt that the reason I was not using my back legs was the ACL problem. What to do with me?

Well my Girl fell in love with me at first sight. So Pat did a web search on torn ACLs in dogs. I should have had an operation when it first happened. But my "forever" family did not do that. By the time Pat got me, it was not too late for surgery. But Pat wasn't in the mood to spend up to $5000 on me. She was in the mood to give me a chance at rehabilitation because she found the website If your dog has a torn ACL, please go to this website. It saved my life.